As of 10/1/23 all TEEN CENTER memberships were terminated. You MUST RE-APPLY to the CLUBHOUSE to be granted access.


The Clubhouses mission is to provide support, education, structure and stability for youth & young adults within a clean safe haven environment. Programming is available for teens and young adults ages 12-21.


We are committed to creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for all children and their families. We believe in building community in order to provide a sense of safety and belonging for all. We aim to partner with families to support children physically, mentally, and emotionally so they may reach their fullest potential. 

Our team is determined to efficiently foster programs that nurture the needs and/or interests of teens.


The clubhouse hours vary by age. Clubhouse members are NOT ALLOWED in the YMCA facilities outside of these hours unless they also have a separate YMCA membership.
Ages 12-17 
Monday – Friday | 2:30PM – 6:30PM
Ages 18-21
Monday – Friday | 12:00PM – 2:30PM & 6:30PM – 8:00PM


Clubhouse programming was designed to help provide teens a safe space to thrive and nourish their full potential.

BYMOC is a YMCA national strategy to help young men of color reach their full potential by providing support systems and guidance in vital areas of life.

  • Financial Literacy
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Life Skills
  • Educational Excellence
  • Community Support

By removing systemic barriers we are providing these men a space to grow.

The Clubhouse Fitness & Prevention program teaches our youth basketball drills, workout routines and healthy nutrition. 

Through daily clinics with trained staff we aim to increase our participants knowledge about health & wellness and instill better lifestyle practices in their daily routines.

Explore NYC provides opportunities for Yonkers teens to discover all New York City has to offer. Teens will learn how to use public transportation such as local trains, buses & subways.

This provides an opportunity for the teens to escape dangerous neighborhoods while having new experiences.

A leadership initiative that encourages our youth through sports, mentorship, life skills, drug awareness & mental health.

This journey prepares each participant to apply leadership while also challenging them to seek new victories in their careers, relationships, communities & households. 

Y-Achievers is a national college and career readiness program that supports students in setting & reaching higher education & career goals.

This program is geared towards 1st generation college students & is delivered through workshops, college tours and more.

Today there are more than 300 Y-Achievers programs across the country.


Project Breathe is a program establishing freedom of expression utilizing the arts and physicality to reduce the effects of trauma and stress in the lives of teens who exhibit maladaptive behaviors to move them towards prosocial behavior. We construct a wide range of activities that create opportunities for the youth to immerse themselves in a new culture or way of life. 

Whether it’s in a group social setting or one-on-one counseling and mentorship. We aspire to mold their cognitive development in hopes of gaining pragmatic social evolution within the community. We are confident that Project Breathe can positively impact the lives of teens by presenting an auspicious lifestyle where you can recover and feel better through artistic expression such as painting, sketching, mindfulness meditation, creative writing etc. 

Project Breathe creates the pathway for teens discovering their journey of self-improvement while building a tranquil lifestyle with healthy habits. 



Believe in yourself, and that you are

Responsible for your

Ethical morals when

Associated with yourself and others; and practice

Therapeutic tools and

Habits so you can

Evolve into a better self.

With a rise of female leadership in the community, we are determined to help young girls break through barriers and relinquish their power.  

  • Power within their knowledge, individual capabilities, self-esteem, and self-belief to make changes in their lives, including learning skills for jobs or entrepreneurship.   
  • Power to acknowledge such economic decision-making within their household, community, and local economy (including markets) not just in areas that are traditionally regarded as women’s realm but extending to areas that are traditionally regarded as men’s realm.   
  • Power over sustainable access and control in financial literacy including access to employment and income-generation activities.  


Patricia Santos,
Clubhouse Director 
[email protected] | 914-963-0183 x39
Michael Patterson,
Senior Prevention and Recovery Counselor
[email protected] | 914-963-1083 x31

*Applications are only accepted

Mondays & Wednesday from 2PM-4PM.

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance.

*Weekly schedule subject to change.