Meet the Yonkers YMCA PeaceMobile

The Yonkers YMCA PeaceMobile endeavors to promote a vision both simple and profound: to mitigate gun violence by offering positive alternatives, foster community cohesion through collaborative partnerships addressing violence as both a public and mental health concern, support the well-being of families affected by violence, empower emerging leaders to enact change within their communities, and establish safe havens for those affected or targeted by violence; to find refuge and support.

"The PeaceMobile stands as a beacon of hope, offering vital services to communities grappling with trauma and conflict.Through therapeutic wellness programs, conflict resolution strategies, and healing practices, we aspire to cultivate environments of resilience and tranquility. Our mission is to create a safe haven where all individuals can find peace and solidarity." 

PeaceMobile Services

The PeaceMobile is a 35-foot mobile trauma unit designed as a therapeutic healing space. It hosts a range of services aimed at addressing trauma and promoting wellness, including:

  • Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
  • Music & Arts
  • P.E.A.C.E Music Studios
  • Relaxation Oasis: restorative massage & aromatherapy sessions
  • Healing & Community Circles
  • Professional & Unconventional Therapeutic Services
The PeaceMobile will be out in the community offering various services.
Keep checking back monthly for a schedule of locations. 
If you have any questions regarding the PeaceMobile, please contact Sade Gilcrest at [email protected]

A Special Thank You to all involved in bringing this vision to life!

Erica Ford, – CEO, Founder of Life Camp, Inc | Bishop Carl Fuller & Darrell Craig with Life Camp Inc | Lucria Ortiz, Former President & CEO of Yonkers YMCA | Donald Somerville, Former YMCA Staff | Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano | Sunday Tinelle &  Mario Caruso, City of Yonkers | Congressman Jamaal Bowman | Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins | Marilyn Ponce – Project Manager, CDBG Economic Development | St. John’s Riverside Hospital Team – Tim Hodges, Jim Leviness, Denise Mananas | Yonkers Wellness Center | We Art One | Juices For Life | Yonkers Public Library | Dolce Design | Yonkers Police Department.