The YMCA believes in youth and works hard to ensure that each one has a fighting chance for success.  The YMCA Youth Development – Employment training program,  sponsored by the Westchester County Youth Bureau, has afforded us the opportunity to educate and train our youth in a variety of ways.  From Life-guarding to Media, there is something for everyone.

In the process of training, we help young people find jobs!!!! It is not just our responsibility but our pleasure you help youth find the value in employment.

Lastly, we will also assist youth with college planning, research and applications.  We want to prepare our youth for the 21st century.  Please see the details of the training opportunities and contact us when you are ready.

Y-USA-BRC-Jan12-1665_hrPersonal Training: Group and individual fitness trainers are in high demand due to the increase importance of wellness in America. Having a group and individual fitness certification would allow you to obtain employment and further develop a career in health and wellness. Through our program, you will learn muscular fitness, stretching, core stability, among many other techniques. In addition, you will learn how to run group and individual fitness training classes, such as aerobics. The YMCA’s new certification is in cooperation with ACE and is nationally recognized. Along with a CPR and First Aid certification. If you have what it takes come and get trained! You must be at least 18 years of age to become a certified.

Youth Development / Employment Application


filmMedia Production: The YMCA will offer youth the opportunity to participate in a media arts program. These youth will learn the basics of audio management, video production and digital photography. The program will offer weekly classes and involve the setup of a media arts studio and participation from his key staff members in teaching and training the youth in socially responsible media. Learn how to use Final Cut Pro in our state of the arts MAC Lab.

lifeguard image Lifeguard Training: Youths between the ages of 15 through 21 can obtain Red Cross Lifeguard Certification through the Employment Training Program.  Through our program you will learn the skills needed to become a great lifeguard.  Life-guarding can lead to careers in the aquatics field, such as pool operators, swim team coaches, and eventually directors of aquatics programs in organizations such as the YMCA.  Certifications are presented upon successful completion of the program.

Youth Development / Employment Application

technologyTechnology: We are starting a new classes in Information technology.   Our youths will learn the basics of computer hardware and software, web site creation, programming basics, networking, etc.  If you have a thirst to learn technology or you are just an enthusiast, consider joining the class.

Employment, Career and Resume Workshops and Seminars (Life Skills): Participants in the Employment Training Program are required to attend life skills sessions where you will learn the “ins and outs” of the workplace.  One’s ability to write a resume, cover letter, manage time, delegation, workplace etiquette, proper grooming and policies are essential to finding and maintaining employment in today’s job market.  Therefore, we know it is necessary to learn these skills in order to achieve success in our program.


Sessions start October 2016

Youth may register for this program by printing, completing, and visiting Yonkers Family YMCA to be interviewed for acceptance into the program.  You can also call us at (914) 963 – 0183 or Email [email protected]

Youth Development / Employment Application

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