Reach and Rise Therapeutic Mentoring Program

The Yonkers Family YMCA Reach & RiseTM Therapeutic Mentoring Program targets youth ages 10-16. The target population is youngsters that may be failing in current mentoring programs, because the challenges they were up against made it difficult for non-therapeutic mentors to know how to appropriately support youth and families. Or maybe the child has never…

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Stew Leonard’s Swim Academy

For the past 12 years, Stew Leonard III Children’s Charities has provided the Yonkers Family YMCA generous financial support to teach over 13,00 children’s to swim and supported the certification of over 300 young adult lifeguards. The program has been a tremendous benefit as many children in this Riverfront community would not have been able…

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March and Festival

Highlighting Community Challenges

     From June 5-7, 2015 the Yonkers African American Heritage Committee organized the very first celebration of Juneteenth in the City of Yonkers.  YMCA Project SNUG saw it as an opportunity to highlight the concerns of violence within the Black community. Project SNUG participated throughout the weekend at the Flag Raising (its director prayed…

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Hanif and Hodges

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

 Project SNUG, or Cure Violence (the model by which Project SNUG identifies with its national partners), constantly has to deliver messages to the people who need it most. Recently, in Yonkers, a four year-old little girl was shot by a gun, that was left unattended in her home.  The news reported that the little girl played…

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