michelle scott

Y.O.K.O. at Work Train Fight

YOKO Boxings is still on the move! Michelle “Shadow Kat” Scott continues her boxing journey at the Work Train Fight NOHO on Friday, November 11, 2016. Weigh in is at 5 pm and Showtime is at 7 pm!!!  Location: 636 Broadway, Suite 204, N.Y.   N.Y. 10012 Let’s continue to support and spread the word! If you have any…

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Lights on After-School 2016

Lights on After-school is a nationwide event celebrated every year to focus the importance of after-school programs and their role in keeping kids safe, encouraging them to learn and helping working families. This year the YMCA participated in the event with their “Lights on STEM Celebration” where counselors and children took part in fun STEM…

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Reach and Rise Mentoring – Gym & Swim

On September 24th 2016, the YMCA opened its doors to current matches and past successful participants for a Gym & Swim. The event was finalized with a commemorating ceremony. Active mentoring match received certificate of participation and past successful participants were awarded graduation certificates. It was definitely moving to witness how impactful mentoring has been in…

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The Yonkers Family YMCA is proud to announce that one of our own, Mr. Jonathan “Karma” Inglese is the NEW 114 NOVICE CHAMPION!!!   He is ranked #1 in his division in the entire state of New York!!!  To quote Coach Morrison, “WE DO BIG THING, YA HURD!!”  Keep on pushing Y.O.K.O. Boxing!  You represent the Y with excellence.